Video of TRUE Alloy Sc+Ti 6.0 Scandium Titanium Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of TRUE Alloy Sc+Ti 6.0 Scandium Titanium Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video the Trice from goes over the TRUE Alloy Sc-Ti 6.0 Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with, and today we are talking about The True Alloy 6.0 Sc-Ti Attack lacrosse shaft, tons of details to go over for you. Let's get right into them now. All right guys, so right here I have your true alloy Sc-Ti 6.0 Attack lacrosse shaft. Let's go ahead and get right in to the details, because I don't have much time to spare. So, let's see. First off, you're going to notice the graphics. The graphics are really clean. All three color options have this blue graphic on them. So, you have the alloy, the Sc-Ti and the 6.O The good thing about their Sc-Ti from TRUE, is it's actually impregnated into the metal itself. This is a proprietary alloy only for TRUE. This isn't an off the shelf type of alloy, where they claim to have Sc-Ti. It's really in the metal. So, you have the benefits of both characteristics of both the scandium and titanium in this alloy from TRUE. And then as we move up, you'll see these essential properties now. TRUE is really stressing the essential properties, and I don't blame them at all. It's a fantastic way to let you know exactly what you're going get out of the shaft. So, as you can see... let me get this pulled up here. They give you the weight of the shaft, so 150 grams. And then this is the ultimate strength and the yield strength. Now, your ultimate strength, you see 99.8 K.S.I. That's kilopounds per square inch. So, it would 99,8000 pounds per square inch to snap this shaft. The ultimate strength is the breaking strength. And your yield strength which is 95 K.S.I., again 95,000 pounds per square inch, that's how much it takes to bend the shaft before it won't return to its normal shape and orientation. So, an extremely strong shaft for an extremely light weight. At 150 grams your strength to weight ratio on the shaft is outstanding. Not to mention, it's just a really clean looking shaft and it's got the sand blast to finish on it as the graphic tells you. So, I'll try to get this, so you can see it in the light. A really nice feel on the shaft and it's got a nice, octagonal standardized kind of shape for you there. So, you have a standard facet here with a minor concave, and very light concave on this long facet here. But a ton of control that's going to come out of the shaft...again a really nice feel to it. It's got a nice, simple rounded butt end that has TRUE on it there. Really clean and again, this is available in a black. And then if you look in the background here, I'll focus it for you, you've got a copper and the gunmetal finish as well, all with that same blue, TRUE graphic layout there. Again alloy, Sc-Ti 6.0 and I can't stress enough the Sc-ti the scandium, the titanium is not just the moniker that they've given the shaft. It's actually in the alloy itself. And again, that's a proprietary TRUE only alloy. But the essential properties, that's the big key to take out of this. Again 99.8 K.S.I ultimate strength and a 95 K.S.I. yield strength, extremely strong for something that only weighs 150 grams. Really clean, though. All right guys, so that wraps up the overview on the TRUE alloy 6.0 Sc-Ti Attack lacrosse shaft. If you liked the video go ahead, please throw me like. If you want to, you can click the button right down here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I've always got some fresh content for you. I've got a button right over here to take it straight to so you could check out all the other sweet stuff that we carry in the warehouse. Or if you want to, you click one of these two links to check out the other videos for the TRUE shaft Comp LZ 6.0 Composite Attack lacrosse shaft, or the Alloy 4.0 Attack lacrosse shaft. Go ahead and check those out. As always guys, thanks for watching and have a great day.