Video of TRADiTREE Six Shooter Lacrosse Head Stringing Tool video of TRADiTREE Six Shooter Lacrosse Head Stringing Tool

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In this video Trice with shows how to use the TRADiTREE Six Shooter Stringing Tool.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here at and today we're taking a quick look at the Six Shooter TRADiTREE. Really an awesome, really convenient tool to be a staple in any stringer's arsenal. Let's show you guys how to get into the head and where to go from there. So I went ahead and I've put together the head for you with the sidewall, and I ran the four leathers, and the two nylon leathers. And of course, I picked the head that only had four top stringer holes so I had to kind of make myself some casting points here. So all you've got to do is take your Six Shooter TRADiTREE, you're going to find out where on the head you want your pocket, lift up all your strings and leathers. For the sake of demonstration I'll throw a mid-pocket in here. Get it right up in there and then all you got to do is run around the TRADiTREE and place all of your strings in line starting with your nylon here. Get it in that far branch. You've got one leather and a branch here and snug these down. You don't want to go too tight. If you go too tight, A, you'll just fight when getting it out of the head. But your leather tension will simply be too tight. And once you get these all positioned and snugged, then it's just the matter of getting your crosslace in. A Six Shooter, A, they look awesome. Six Shooters are awesome. But you're going to have a ton of feel and a lot of hold coming out of this Six Shooter. Again, just get these in place on all of your branches just like that there. As you can see, I kind went with a high pocket, but make sure that nothing's too tight. Go ahead and tie off your leathers, tie off your runner, and then proceed with the crosslace however you like. Really go to town. You can really have a lot of fun stringing a Six Shooter, but it's gonna be way easier with the TRADiTREE that with your standard ball and butter knife method. Guys, that's how you put in your Six Shooter TRADiTREE. If you like the video, go ahead and please throw me a like. If you want to, you can click the button right below me here to subscribe for our YouTube channel because you know we've always got brand new videos coming out. I've got a button right over here to take you straight to and check out all the goodies. Or you can pick one of these two links over here and maybe take a look at some of the other TRADiTREEs that we carry here at Other than that guys, thanks for watching and have a great day.