Video of TRADiTREE Pita Pocket Lacrosse Head Stringing Tool video of TRADiTREE Pita Pocket Lacrosse Head Stringing Tool

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In this video Trice with shows how to use the TRADiTREE Pita Pocket Stringing Tool.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with, and today we're taking a quick look at the TRADiTREE Pita, a really wonderfully, simple, amazingly easy-to-use tool, really should be a staple in any stringer's arsenal. But, today, what I'm going to do is show you guys how to use it real quick. So I went ahead and grabbed a head, threw some leathers in there, I got the sidewall in place, and it's really easy to use. So on the TRADiTREE Pita, all you've got to do after you get everything in place, find out where you want that pocket, go ahead and slip the arm underneath of the sidewall on both sides, and then all you've got to do is line your leathers up in the branches, pull those down. And the cool thing about the TRADiTREE Pita, once you get your two side leathers in, is it's got this middle bar here, and what that's designed to do is give you that really tight channel down the center of the head, a really clean, nice and tight center track. So you get these all snugged down, tie your leathers off, and then you proceed with your Pita and the rest of your cross lace. You can do a lot of different variations with this TRADiTREE here, and it's going to make it way easier than using that standard ball and butter knife. Less contact points, you can really get in there. It makes tensioning the knots a lot easier. There is a great deal of customization that can be had with these. But other than that, guys, that's pretty much, in a gist, how you're going to use your TRADiTREE Pita. If you liked the video, don't be shy, please throw me a "like". If you want to, you can click the button right down here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We've always got new stuff coming out. We've got the button right over here that's going to take you straight to, or if you like, any of these two videos on this side, that's going to be any of the other TRADiTREEs that we carry here at As always, guys, thanks for watching, and have a great day.