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What is TRADiTREE Pita? It is a tool to aid you in stringing a pita lacrosse pocket in modern field heads. After you string the sidewall, TRADiTREE Pita sits on the back of the head and holds the four leathers in place as you string the pocket.

It takes the place of using a ball and butter knife or chopsticks.

The leather slots follow the angle of the ball. It is a true pocket form. The slots are at tangents to an official lacrosse ball size. After, you slide out the TRADiTREE Pita and the ball sits perfectly where ever you placed the pocket.

You can place the TRADiTREE Pita on the head for a High, Mid, or a Low pocket in your pita string job.

For Q&A :
In this video Trice with shows how to use the TRADiTREE Pita Pocket Stringing Tool.

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