Video of TRADiTREE Original Traditional Pocket Lacrosse Head Stringing Tool video of TRADiTREE Original Traditional Pocket Lacrosse Head Stringing Tool

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In this video Trice with shows you how to use the TRADiTREE Original Stringing Tool.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with and today we are taking a quick look at the TRADiTREE original. This is an amazingly simple, very easy-to-use product that should really be a staple in any stringer's toolbox. But what we are going to do today is give you a quick look on simply how to use it. So I went ahead and strung up this head real quick. I threw some leathers in there there and a side wall, and really it's super simple to use. So, all you are going to do after getting all your stuff, your leathers set in place, your side walls in place, you're going to decide where you want your pocket. Just for demonstration's sake, we'll do a decently mid pocket here. And you slip these two arms underneath the side walls, so you can see right there. And then all you got to do is take your leathers and throw them in the branches, snug those down. You don't want to go too tight with these. If you go too tight it will simply be too tight, your leather tension will be too tight, but you'll have difficulties getting the TRADiTREE out of the head once it's strung. So you just want to go nice and snug. Once you get this in place, you go ahead and tie your leathers off and then you proceed with your cross-lace however you like. You can really have a great amount of ease stringing a traditional with the TRADiTREE original. It's a lot of fun stringing a traditional. But guys, that's pretty much how to use the TRADiTREE original. So if you like the video, go ahead and please throw me a like. If you want to, you can click right down here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can click over here to go straight to, or you can check out one of these other two videos on one of the other TRADiTREEs that we carry here at And as always guys, thanks for watching.