Video of TRADiTREE Lady Women's Lacrosse Head Stringing Tool video of TRADiTREE Lady Women's Lacrosse Head Stringing Tool

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In this video the Trice from shows you how to use the TRADiTREE Lady Stringing Tool.

Transcript of the video:
How's it going ladies? This is Trice here with, and today we're taking a quick look on how to use the TRADiTREE Lady. This is a lot like the TRADiTREEs used on Men's Lacrosse Heads. The only difference is, instead of being installed under the sidewall on the backside of the head, this one attaches to the front side of the head. And when you do that, you have to attach it to the head in some fashion. Some people use rubber bands. I personally use zip ties. In fact, if you take a look right over here, I'll show you I did this just the other day on a head that I strung. So once you get it in, you get it set where you want it, and then you would just go ahead and lay your pocket piece in, your runners, and then proceed with your crosslace as normal. It's a wonderfully simple tool, answers a lot of problems, and it makes it easy to string the head. But other than that guys, that's pretty much in a gist how you use the TRADiTREE lady. Again, it goes right in the face of the head, and then you would attach it to the sidewalls there. If you like the video, don't be shy, please throw me a like. If you want to, you can click right down here to subscribe to the YouTube channel. We've always got new videos coming out. You can click the link right over here to go straight to, or you can choose one of these two links to either check out the rest of the TRADiTREEs that we carry here, or if you want to, you can check out some of the wonderful Women's Lacrosse Heads here at As always, thanks for watching, and have a great day.