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In this video Trice goes over the details on the String King Metal Plus Attack Lacrosse Shafts.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice with, and today I'm bringing you the StringKing Metal Plus Attack Lacrosse sShaft. Let's go ahead and break these down. All right guys. So right here, I have the Metal Plus Lacrosse Attack Shaft from StringKing. As you can see, these are available in a matte black, this space-grey. This is what they call nickel. It's almost a borderline, like a goldesque kind of finish. And they also come available in this silver tone here. With every shaft you're going to get a butt end, you're going to get an end cap, and a roll of pre-cut lacrosse tape. The end cap...let me see if I can focus this for you here. The end cap has the StringKing logo on there, as well as the butt end. Coming with all this, you're also going to get the shaft, of course. The shaft is really clean and simple. The graphics are really, really easy on this one. In fact, let me focus this for you. This is the end here, come all the way up, there's no graphics until you get all the way to the top, where finally you get the 'STRINGKING' on one side and you get 'METAL PLUS' on the other. Now, the Metal Plus weighs in at 150 grams. If you take a look right here, I'll go ahead and show you the scale on that. That weighs out to 150 grams, or 5.3 ounces. But to get into the details of it, let's go ahead and take a look at the shape. It's got nice concave facets here. They have what's called a non-uniform wall thickness on here, looking at giving you maximized strength while still reducing the weight. So keeping the weight very light in your hands, there really doesn't feel like there's much there, but the strength is not lost at all. And this is made out of a superior aluminum alloy, manufactured with extremely tight tolerances, looking at guaranteeing consistency with every single shaft. Has a nice finish on there. You can see it's an almost mild sandblasted finish. Feels really clean in the hands, great grip. The indents on the facets here on this concave feels very nice in the hands. Okay guys, that's pretty much going to wrap up your overview for your StringKing Metal Plus Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Go ahead and check these out at Thanks for watching.