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You asked, we listened - the StringKing Complete Plus. This stick is perfectly strung like the StringKing Complete, but with upgraded components for the elite player who is looking for more.

THE HEAD - Mark 1

We have spent more time than anyone creating pockets, and learning what head shapes are best. The Mark 1 builds on all the top features of our favorite heads, and delivers them in a stiff, lightweight, and functional design.

Ultra-stiff Construction - Superior materials and construction prevent the head from flexing when passing and shooting. This improves speed, accuracy and consistency.

Aggressive scoop - An aggressive forward cant and a rounded scoop make groundballs easier to attack from all angles.

Pocket-driven design - The side rails and face shape have smooth curves designed specifically for mid/low to mid/high pockets.

Simple is strong - The simple design of the sidewall creates a lightweight, stiff, and durable head. Functionality drives style.

THE POCKET & MESH - Type 3X Performance Mesh M1 Pocket

Your pocket has a larger impact on performance than any other piece of equipment. Ultimately, the head is just a frame for supporting your pocket. We created the perfect mid pocket to give players an advantage in every stage of their game.

Co-Engineered for Consistency - For the first time, the head and the mesh have been designed together, resulting in the most consistent pre-strung pocket ever.

Versatility - The M Pocket is perfect for players of all levels and positions. The adjustable bottom string makes it easy to tailor the pocket to your personal style.

Good to Go - With no break-in needed, the M Pocket is ready to go right off the shelf and will perform in all weather conditions.

THE SHAFT - Metal Plus

StringKing Metal Plus is the workhorse. Built to do work. Designed to play fast.

Lightweight - Weighing 360 grams, Metal Plus is both lightweight and durable. It is designed for the ultimate combination of performance, strength, and durability.

Perfect Shape - Metal Plus has the same great feel, and the non-uniform wall thickness allowing us to put added material where it is needed, without adding extra weight.

Superior Materials & Manufacturing - Metal Plus is made with a custom high-grade Aluminum Alloy and manufactured with extremely tight tolerances to guarantee consistency in every shaft.

Includes: Butt End, End Cap, and Lacrosse Tape


  • Black Head with White Type 3X Performance Mesh M1 Pocket and a Nickel Metal Plus Defense Shaft
  • Grey Head with White Type 3X Performance Mesh M1 Pocket and Black Metal Plus Defense Shaft
  • White Head with White Type 3X Performance Mesh M1 Pocket and Silver Metal Plus Defense Shaft

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