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In this video Trice with shows off the StringKing Mark 1 Lacrosse Heads.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? this is Trice with and today we're breaking down the StringKing Mark 1 Lacrosse Heads, both strung and un-strung in all three color options. Let's go ahead and take a look. All right guys, so right here I have the StringKing Mark 1 Lacrosse Head in both its un-strung and its strung options. Before we go too far into the details, I'll let you know so you can see they are available in a white, a grey, and a black option, again, both strung and un-strung. The strung version does come with the Type 2S mesh in it already so that's already strung with a high performance mesh and of course coming from StringKing, it's strung with its StringKing stringing kit. So let's get into the details here. So first off, you'll notice the face shape. It's got really nice smoothed curves all the way around and as we come around the throat we'll pull this in nice and tight. They really went for simplicity. Simplicity is key. You don't have to over-complicate things for them to function just the way you want. So they have the nice StringKing logo right there. This other side here, it's got the Mark 1 logo. And then we will move down the side wall. Again, a very simple function design, function driven design here. So the way that this side wall comes down, they've really designed it to function with anything from a mid-low to a mid-high pocket. And they've really done their research on making sure that the head functions fantastically with the mesh that's paired with it. They've got a very aggressive scoop here. Really looking at making it grounding balls easier depending regardless of what angle you attack the ball from, you should be able to have that go right into the pocket. Really just a form and function design, no flare. They really didn't want to over flash the head. It's an extremely stiff head, very durable. And what they did that for was to reduce the amount of flex when shooting and passing to increase your shot speed, but really to increase the consistency of the head. It's like I said very very stiff durable head. And really designed with superior materials to increase the durability of the head. And again, it's very pocket driven designed, so it's looking for that mid-low to mid-high pocket. And if you take a look right up here at the scale, I put this guy on a scale and she's tipping the scale right there at 5.2 ounces. So it's a really nice weighted head, but again that weight comes with its durability and strength. I'm going to set this one down and were going to go ahead look at the strung version as well. Here's the strung version. Again, this does come with Type 2S mesh. Really nice and this is designed to be able to be purchased and immediately attached to shaft and played with. So let me see if I can get a good look at the pocket here, let me punch this out a little bit. They didn't go with an extremely deep pocket and again they are looking at that mid-high to mid-low kind of shifty, really performance driven form and function style pocket here. They give you the three straights, the shooting cord and the two laces. And again, this is the Type 2S mesh with the StringKing stringing kit. So you know that the performance and function is there. Really clean and just for fun, I went ahead and threw this up on the scale too and take a look right here and this one is right there at 6.8. So the head is 5.2 and with the mesh and all the stringing everything in there you are at 6.8. So really clean and again these are available in the white, the grey, and the black and both strung or un-strung. And the price point that these are at is just fantastic so you really can't beat the value of the StringKing Mark 1 Head here. Really clean and classy. But that's that right there for you guys. All right guys, so I hope you enjoyed the overview on the Mark 1 Lacrosse Head from StringKing. If you did, please throw me a like and then if you want to, you can click right down here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can click over here to go straight to Or you can check out one of these two videos over here to go ahead and watch the video on the A7150 shaft or on the Mark 1 A7150 Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick both from StringKing. Thanks for watching.

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