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In this video Trice breaks down the details on the String King Grizzly Metal Plus Goalie Lacrosse Shafts.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice with, and today we're going to break down the Grizzly Metal Plus Goalie Lacrosse Shaft from StringKing. Let's go ahead and check this out. All right guys, so right here I have the Grizzly Metal Plus goalie lacrosse shaft from StringKing. I went ahead and laid out everything that comes with the shaft just so you can see all the available options, and then I'm going to go ahead and break down details and show you guys the weight. So as you can see, they're available in this nickel here, this is what they call the space-grey, a silver finish, and then also a nice matte black finish I have in my hands. And with the shafts, you're going to get an end cap, a pre-cut roll of lacrosse tape, and a rubber butt end here. The rubber butt end and the end cap both have the StringKing logo on there, and then the pre-cut roll of lacrosse tape is pretty snazzy. So as I focus this, there you go, you can actually see the cut that's right here. That's going to give you a thin strip and wide strip. The thin strip is intended so that if you want to use the end cap and tape a donut onto the end of the shaft, you can do that. You can use it to spiral up the shaft if you like. The wider strip is pretty much as close to your standard roll of lacrosse tape, so you use it just like you normally would. This roll is going to allow you to greatly customize the shaft to whatever best fits your preferences. But to get to the shaft itself, this is the matte black, very, very clean, no graphics on the whole shaft other than the 'STRINGKING' and the 'GRIZZLY METAL PLUS' on the other side, very, very clean. As you can see, it's got a mild sand-blasted finish on here, so it's very clean in feeling in your hands, nice and smooth, but your hand will stop right where you need it to. This is an extremely light shaft, tipping the scales at 168 grams. Take a look right here, you'll see the scale. Yeah, 168 grams. With it being so light... The name of the game of the goalie is quick hands, so the lighter the shaft, the better you're going to be able to have your quick hands. And this one here is intended for goalies that find themselves attacking ground balls and making clears. As you can see on the shape itself, trying to get this focused for you as best I can, the shape is a very nice simple octagonal shape with concave facets here. Those facets are going to give you a great amount of control and stick feel in your hands. And they also use what's called a non-uniform wall thickness on these shafts which is going to greatly reduce the weight of the shaft while not reducing any of the strength in the shaft. So you can still expect a very strong and reliable shaft even though it's really feather light in your hands. They construct these guys out of a custom high-grade aluminum alloy, constructed with extremely tight manufacturing tolerances, really guaranteeing a consistency in perfection in every shaft that comes through the manufacturer. But other than that, like I said, it's just a really clean, really clean, nice lightweight shaft. And this is going to wrap up Grizzly Metal Plus Goalie Lacrosse Shaft from String King. Go ahead and check this out at, thanks for watching.