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In this video Trice goes over the details on the String King Grizzly Metal Goalie Lacrosse Shafts.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys, this is Trice here and today we're breaking down the String King Grizzly Metal Goalie Lacrosse Shaft. Let's go and check these out. All right guys so right here I've got the Grizzly Metal Goalie Lacrosse Shaft from String King. As you can see I've got it all laid out for you just to show you the options and then I'll break down the details. So you have the option a nickel finish, a silver, this matte black here or the space gray that's in my hand and then on top of that, in the shaft comes an end cap, a precut rolled lacrosse tape and the butt end, the rubber butt end there. Now the end cap has a nice logo on it, so does the butt end and the precut lacrosse tape as you can see here with it focused, is precut so you have a thin strip and a wide strip. That thin strip will allow you to tape a donut or using it for thinner strips along the shaft and the wider strip is going to give you the option of just like your standard roll of tape. But to get to the shaft itself, first things first. This thing is really light in your hands. It tips the scales right at 144 grams. Take a look at the scale right here. So at 144 grams, as any goalie would know, the name of the game is quick hands. So the lighter the shaft, the quicker your hand movement can be, which should allow you to save more balls. As you can see, here is your Grizzly Metal graphic here, this is...feels like it's etched in there. So it's not going anywhere, same thing with the String King logo on the other side. And those two logos are the only two logos or any graphics on the entire length of the shaft. It's a very clean shaft. Simplicity is key with these guys, but as you can see, it has got a nice mild same lasting finish on there. So its got a great grip in the hand and the shape alone offers a lot of control on the hands. As you can see, it's got a nice contoured facets here, concave facets and they use what's called a non-uniform wall thickness which is going to reduce a great amount of the weight in the shaft, but not lose any of the strength of the shaft. It's constructed using a custom high grade aluminum alloy with extremely, extremely tight tolerances, really looking at guaranteed consistency and perfection in each and every shaft coming out of the manufacturer. As I said before these are really, really light. It's just a clean all around nice handle and then again available in the space gray, the matte black, silver and the nickel finishes you see behind me and that guys, is going to wrap up your Grizzly Metal Goalie Lacrosse Shaft from String King. Go ahead and check these out at Thanks for watching.