Video of String King A7150 Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of String King A7150 Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Trice with shows off the StringKing A7150 Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with, and today we're breaking down String King's A7150 Attack lacrosse shaft. Let's go ahead and check out the details. All right guys so right here I've got String King's A7150 Alloy Attack lacrosse shaft. As you can see they come available in a silver, a black, a grey and a really clean nickel option just like the other shafts that String King offers, but this particular shaft is a String King's lightest shaft. If you take a look at the scale up here, I did weigh it with the provided rubber end cap that they give you, the butt end here, and it only tips the scales right there at 144 grams, but the shaft itself is 140 grams. Very durable shaft, has a nice kind of smooth...let's see if I can actually get this in it for you. A smooth kind of sand blasted texture almost, really nice and light in the hands, I barely even know that it's there, and again that is the A7150 alloy. Just like the other String King shafts as well it does come with the pre-cut roll of tape, and the end cap, and again that rubber butt end here with got a really nice clean String King logo on there. The price point that they set the shaft at is amazing. For the amount of quality, research and development, and everything that went into this shaft, the price point is outstanding. It is a very durable shaft, it has an un-uniform wall thickness, and as you can see it's got that standard octagonal shape with these concave facets here. You're going to get a ton of grip and control out of those, and it does pair very well with the Mark 1 lacrosse head from String King. Really nice and just clean and classy shaft again in this nickel, and if you look at the background here I got a silver, a black and a grey option as well. Really just clean. But that guys is the A7150 Attack lacrosse shaft, from String King. All right guys, so I hope you enjoyed the overview on the A7150 Attack lacrosse shaft from String King. Throw me a like if you enjoyed the video, and if you want to, you can click right down here to subscribe to our YouTube channel, you can click over here and go straight to go to, and you can choose one of these two videos over here to check out the Mark 1 lacrosse head from String King, or the Mark 1 A7150 complete Attack lacrosse stick again from String King. Thanks for watching.

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