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Many people don't like factory stringing, and may also want some different colors in their pocket. Let us take care of that for you!

Check out all the options! We'll put together all the pieces/colors you want and send you out a custom stringing kit.

NOTE: The picture above is only an example. Also, this stringing kit will be String King Mesh with SportStop Strings & Laces (not String King strings & laces).

The Next Generation Performance Mesh.

Lighter. Tighter. Stronger.

Performance Mesh Type 2S

  • Semi-soft
  • 2 out of 10 in terms of hardness
  • Increased feel

Performance Mesh Type 2X

  • Semi-hard
  • 5 out of 10 in terms of hardness
  • Smooth Release

NEW P2 Fibers

Working closely with our manufacturers, we modified fibers traditionally used to reinforce racecar tires. The result is our new P2 fibers, which allows us to make Type 2 mesh 12% lighter, 15% thinner, and over twice as durable as Type 1.

NEW Pocket Focus

TITE technology is a new patent pending manufacturing process used to create an even tighter mesh construction. This ultra tight construction enhances Pocket Focus - a claw-like contact with the ball that creates superior ball control and a more accurate release.

True-Diamond Technology

Every piece of mesh strings up & performs exactly the same regardless of conditions.

Superior Performance & Consistency

All weather performance with no wax so your pocket stays consistent and performs better throughout its lifetime.

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