Video of STX Surgeon SC Scandium Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of STX Surgeon SC Scandium Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video STX explains the details of the Surgeon SC and Surgeon Sc-Ti Attack Lacrosse Shafts.

Transcript of the video:
Chris: Everything under our Surgeon pillar is designed for control, precision, accuracy. Greg: The Surgeon Scandium and Surgeon SC-TI handles are designed for the surgeon player. Someone that's looking for control and precision. So, the first place that we started was the profile of the handle. They feature our new precision profile which is an extreme concave octagon. Mike: Which allows for excellent finger and thumb placement for added control. Brandon: We also have a new grip on there which is called Accufinish which gives you little more feel on the top and bottom of the handle. So, where your hands are going to be placed most of the time whether you're shooting or cradling. Chris: The Accufinish is just another way to gain control for that player. Mike: This allows the hands to slide up and down the handle for one-hand cradling or sliding the hands down the handle to have better placement for shooting. Greg: So we found a way to add that texture and that grip that the player demands but without adding the weight from tape. So, the Surgeon Scandium features the Accufinish across the entire handle where the Surgeon SC-TI features targeted Accufinish only on the specific areas that a leap player looks to have it. Chris: You're just going to have overall more control of the stick and that's what the X Attack and Surgeon players are demanding. Greg: Both these handles are great values as well as being extremely lightweight and really allowing that precision player to perform at best of their ability.