Video of STX Surgeon 500 Special Colored Lacrosse Head video of STX Surgeon 500 Special Colored Lacrosse Head

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In this video the STX Lacrosse Team goes over the Surgeon 500 Lacrosse Head, Featuring ACP Technology to maintain Head Shape in all climates.

Transcript of the video:
Greg Tate: The Surgeon 500 Heads are definitely targeting that advanced attack man, that Surgeon style player that really wants to have accuracy and control as well as precision. Male Speaker: Attackers dissect the game with the lightest heads in the STX line. The Surgeon 500 and Surgeon10 500. Austin Brown: The level of craftsmanship in the head is like nothing else you'll find in the industry. Chris Moore: We had to make sure that precision, control, accuracy, and quick release were first and foremost with this head. Mike Schmittdiel: The scoop can have a deeper smile and that will provide the channel to give better accuracy and better precision for passes and for shots. Male Speaker: In both the college and high school models, advanced ACP technology helps the heads maintain their shape and a great new grip right at the throat allows for one-handed cradling. Joanna Lignelli: The fact that it's been made lighter is going to help out players, it going to make them faster and they're really going to play better on the field with it. Male Speaker: Play huge with the Surgeon 500 and 10 500.