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In this video the gentlemen over at STX explain the details of their Surgeon 500 Lacrosse Gloves.

Transcript of the video:
Greg: The new Surgeon 500 Glove is designed for the Surgeon player. Brandon: No one really focused on an attackman and these are the guys getting hit nonstop throughout the game. So really developing a glove to help them be protected and also improve their stick feel. Greg: The Surgeon line is really aimed for someone that's looking for more control, more precision in their game. Patrick: The Surgeon 500 affords a player best in class finger dexterity and stick feedback due to the seamless palm construction, ISOThumb™ technology, and floating knuckle. Austin: A lot of the feedback we got from the attackmen revolved the thumb. This was obviously a huge opportunity to address the thumb area and bring a higher level of protection to the top side and the inside. Patrick: We added deflective carbon fiber reinforced blocks on the thumb, as well as a compression pad at the base of thumb, for more protection when you're one-handed cradling. Greg: The ISOThumb™ is a great feature that we brought over from our Stallion HD line. Again, they're looking for that stick feedback, that stick feel, and the ability to move your thumb effortlessly in a 360 degree is very important. Patrick: A traditional glove would have a gusset that runs all the way down the side of the glove. We were able to roll the seam up to the pad which amplifies the stick feedback for the player. Brandon: We added in a floating knuckle system so the knuckles are not locked down, which gives you a nice out-of-the-box feel in the fingers. Paired with our ISOThumb™, which is found in some of our other gloves, really increases your thumb mobility right out of the bag as well. Austin: The other part of the configuration of the glove is actually inspired by ice hockey, and that's through the use of an integrated cuff area. There's no cuff roll. This is important because it minimizes the amount of gaps on the back of the glove, minimizes the amount of snag points. Greg: It's really become a year-round sport so we need to take that into account when we're designing products. Patrick: Our new Climate Control™ technology serves two purposes: it's got back-of-hand venting for hot days, and internal access for heat pack placement in the cold. At the end of the day all of the features in this glove, the ISOThumb™, the carbon blocks, the deflective nature of the back-of-hand blocking, they really only combine to provide the player with one thing. Playing with precision.

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