Video of STX Surgeon 10 500 Special Colored Lacrosse Head video of STX Surgeon 10 500 Special Colored Lacrosse Head

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In this video Mike with shows you the Surgeon 10 500 Lacrosse Head, featuring a contoured throat for more control.

Transcript of the video:
I'm Mike Armstrong with, and this is STX Surgeon 10 500 Head. The Surgeon 10 500 Head is designed for the elite offensive player. Like the original Surgeon 10 through utilizing that ACP technology for all-climate performance and this allows for the head to maintain its face shape in hard weather games, while also maintaining its weight and stiffness. The biggest difference between the surgeon 10 500 and the original Surgeon 10 is that the new one is now 10% lighter, making it STX lightest NCAA legal head. STX Surgeon 10 500 has a stiff and pointed scoop that helps define your pocket channel as well as increase accuracy. The side walls are design for mid to middle pocket which helps increase power control and vertical cradle as well as maintaining consistency in your release. The side walls are contoured throat which allows for increased power control. STX also added some textures on throat as well as the top row which gives it that premium look. The Surgeon 10 500 weighs in at 5.1 ounces. Check out STX Surgeon 10 500 on today.