Video of STX Surgeon 10 500 LE White/Scrub Green Lacrosse Head with Mesh video of STX Surgeon 10 500 LE White/Scrub Green Lacrosse Head with Mesh

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In this video Trice with shows off the STX Surgeon 10 500 LE White/Scrub Green Lacrosse Head with Mesh.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on today, guys? This is Trice here with and today we're taking a quick tour of what's inside the packaging of this super limited edition Surgeon 10 500 Head from STX, where they include both a piece of Knot Mesh and Dry Mesh. Let's take a closer look. All right guys, so right here I've got this limited edition Surgeon 10 500 from STX here, and as you can see I went ahead and pulled everything out of the box so you can see what comes inside of the box. For a far more detailed view on the head itself go ahead and check out that product video, I'll give you a link in the description, and at the end of the video. But other than that, let's take a look at what's inside the box. So as you can see they give you all the strings necessary to make it into the head. They give you this awesome piece of custom colored dry mesh. Let's get a quick look at this. So it's got white, this really light grey, dark grey, light grey, back to white, and then again with that light, dark, light. That will look really clean strung up in the head. And then as you can see behind, the head itself is the 10 500 that everyone knows and loves, but it's got this really sweet custom colorway limited edition with that scrub green ball stop and up at the top, and then to make it even nicer and more of a limited aspect, they went ahead and numbered each head. As you can see they only made 250 of these, I'm holding number 189 in my hands. There's that surgeon gloss on the back of the scoop with the 500. Fantastic, fantastic head. And then with that, they pair it all with the knot mesh right there. Again for a more detailed video on that, go ahead and check out its product video, again I'll link it at the end of the video and in the description. But that is how it's coming inside the box, you get the strings, you get both pieces of mesh, which are both new. This is the new dry mesh here with the limited colorway, and they also hook you up with the knot mesh, and then the limited edition head with the scrub green colorway, and the numbering on the back, only 250 made. All right guys, so now that you know what's inside the box, if you want to please throw me a like if you liked the video. You can click right down here to subscribe. Click over here to go to, or maybe choose one of these two videos to get a better look at the knot mesh or the Surgeon 10 500 head itself. As always, thanks for watching.