Video of STX Stallion SC Scandium Defense Lacrosse Shaft video of STX Stallion SC Scandium Defense Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video the STX Lacrosse Team shows you the SC Scandium Handle with a Mild Sandblast Finish and Concave Grip Shape.

Transcript of the video:
Man 1: We made the Stallion Scandium panel so we can re-introduce the skin and material into our 2015 lineup. But we are also really excited to introduce the shaft lock into the tangle, as well. We feel that this handle just provides a great value to the customer. Greg: This handle also features our new shaft lock. What this does is apprise a more secure connection for the head and the handle, getting rid of that wobble that I know it drives me crazy as a player. Man 1: Play huge with our entire line of Stallion Alloy Handles.