Video of STX Stallion SC Scandium Defense Lacrosse Shaft video of STX Stallion SC Scandium Defense Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Paul with shows you the SC Scandium Handle, featuring the Shaft Lock Technology to reduce head rattling.

Transcript of the video:
Paul Dell, president of, today I'm going to talk to you about the STX Stallion SC Lacrosse Shaft. The STX Stallion SC Lacrosse Shaft is a Scandium alloy shaft. The shape of it is the concave octagon shape. This is the first shaft that STX is coming out with, with this Channel Lock patented technology here. What it is, is it's an insert on the end where your head is being screwed on. There's a plastic insert in here that's secured on, it's glued or something in there. And it gives a, for when the screw's going in there, it's giving material for it to grab on to. You know, you hate when that head is a little rattly on your shaft. This takes care of that instead of you having to tape it up and everything. This is this Shaft Lock technology. This only comes when you get the shaft with it. It's not an after market thing to add on. Also this has a mild sandblast finish to it. Right now we just have the black and the silver in stock. There's going to be five colors eventually in the fall here. They're going to also have royal red and gunmetal. Also this is going to be available as a D Pole in the silver black and gunmetal. Now I'm going to grab the weight here. The weight of the shaft is coming in its 6.3 ounces. Though if you're comparing this apples to apples, to another shaft, you're going to have to take out, you know, a fraction of an ounce for this Shaft Lock that your other competing shaft's not going to have. So you can get it now at