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In this video Trice from shows off the details of the STX Stallion 300 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads.


Transcript of the video:
Hey, what's going on, guys? This is Trice, today accompanied with my main man Stan, and today we are bringing you the STX Stallion 300 Shoulder Pads. We're going to breakdown some of the details, show you some of the highlights. And let's get started, all right? So check this out. We're going to start at the top and we're going to work our way down. They've got a nice shoulder cap up here. They've got hard plastic integrated right into the crown of the shoulder cap, looking at giving you more high-level protection without adding any additional unnecessary weight to the shoulder pad. They're really trying to keep it nice and light. Moving down from your shoulder cap, they've got this nice removable bicep pad. A simple velcro strap, comes right out here. Cooperate, Stan. Comes right out. If you want it to look more like a speed pad kind of set up, rip those bicep pads right off, you're good to go. Coming down from your bicep pad, nice simple adjustable side strap on the side. It's adjustable along the back. Nice little retention strap there so you don't got flaps on here. Elevated chest plate. They've got the nice sternum protection here. Elevated chest plate and reinforced chest areas looking for more of a targeted protection across the chest for, you know, stray balls, checks, whatever comes flying your way. And then on the inside of the chest pad, they've got the removable air zone pocket, or pad, rather. Looking at, again, giving more protection right across the chest, looking at that cardiac zone. Then if you look here, if I undo this side here, you're going to see these yellow seams here. These yellow seams are stretch zones and they're looking at giving you more of a comfortable, form-fitting fit right there on your torso, across the chest, really making it nice and comfortable. It's a pad you're not going to mind wearing for the whole length of the game. And then when we to spin around to the back, just a nice, clean, simply back plate. Plenty of breaks to keep it nice and form-fitting on you once you get your straps adjusted up. And then that right there, guys, that's going to be your STX Stallion 300 Shoulder Pad. Don't forget to check those out at and thanks for watching.

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