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In this video Trice with breaks down the details of the STX Stallion 300 Lacrosse Arm Pads.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys. What's going on? This is Trice here at and today I'm bringing you the Stallion 300 Arm Pads from STX. Let's check out some of these details. All right guys so right here is your Stallion 300 Arm Pad from STX. This is designed for your evolving player here and some of the nice high points if you take a look, we've got a nice three pad balance flexibility system here. Really looking at getting you a lot of mobility in the elbow and keeping the protection level high without adding a lot of additional weight. Really like this 360 degree strap here. Get this undone. This gives you infinite adjustability. This is elastic as well. Infinite adjustability and really maximizing the retention of the pad on the arm itself. And then to complement the strap it's got a nice breathable liner, full sleeve, good form fitting, nice comfortable liner in there. It's not going to absorb much sweat. It's going to keep you nice and dry. And that pretty much right there breaks down your Stallion 300 Arm Pad from STX. Don't forget to check this guy out at

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