Video of STX Stallion 100 Lacrosse Arm Pads video of STX Stallion 100 Lacrosse Arm Pads

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In this video the Mike with shows you the Entry Level Stallion 100 Arm Pads.

Transcript of the video:
I'm Mike Armstrong with And these are the STX Stallion 100 Arm Pads. The Stallion 100 Arm Pads are designed for your growing player. It has a longer shape to give you maximum coverage, two Velcro straps for increased adjustability, and a more secure fit. It uses a plastic cap on the elbow, as well as several stiff foam joints along the bicep for increased protection. The Stallion 100s are going to be a great option for your beginner to intermediate player. Check out the Stallion 100 Arm Pads at today.

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