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In this video Trice from shows off the details of the STX Shield 500 Goalie Chest Protector.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with accompanied by my main man, Stan, and today we're going to break down the STX Shield 500 Chest Protector. Let's go ahead and check out these details. Getting right down into it, it's a really clean, really simple pad. Everything is nice and compression molded so it lays really close to the chest. With the compression molding, you can expect a lot of protection. But on top of that, STX went a little bit further. You're going to notice this guy right here. That symbolizes one thing that's STX only. They've got what's called a cardiac silhouette. So back behind here, underneath of this floating chest plate, the pad extends over towards the cardiac region instead of just having mid-chest protection. Really focusing the brunt of the protection over the heart region, so you're getting a great deal of protection from this here chest protector. And then on top of that they've also got the removable air zone. There's actually air bladders inside of here. It's a nice little cushion right on top of your chest. Like I said, it has a floating chest plate. So this here is completely floating. It allows you to move quite freely, also while giving you a ton of added protection. They've incorporated an option for a removable stomach pad here, in case you don't want it. Or if you do want that little bit of protection down below, you can have that. This is all velcro padded so you can greatly adjust the strap. You'll also notice it has these flex zones here. This is actually all elastic. You can see how I pulled this out. That again, great mobility, range of movement. Really not going to restrict any kind of mobility there. As I buckle this back up, I'll spin him around and show you guys the back side. So on the back, you'll notice there's two straps here. These are widely adjustable, and then there's this guy here. So, the strap system is actually three way adjustment, so you can have it loose depending on how you like the hang of the pad. Or you can pull it really nice and tight and have that nice and tight up across the back of your shoulders and pull that chest pad all the way up where you want it. But that guys, that's going to dissect your Shield 500 chest protector from STX. Go ahead and check this out at, and thanks for watching.

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