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In this video Trice with breaks down the Knot Mesh from STX.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with and today we're breaking down the Knot Mesh from STX. This stuff is out of this world. Let's find out why. All right, guys. So as I said, I've got the really in a league of its own, crazy STX Knot Mesh. Right here I'm going to go ahead and give you guys a really close, in-depth look at this stuff. So let's just jump right into it. So we'll get this stretched out for you. Pull this in tight so you can...first thing you're going to notice right off the bat, it's different. When I say different, it embodies different in every shape and facet. You've got all these little individual knots. I can probably get even closer. It is crazy, crazy stuff. So to get into the specifics of the mesh instead of just googling over it. So the way that they work this is its got this knotted construction here as you can see. This one piece alone, how many knots are in here? So the knotted construction is aiming at giving you superior feel and control. You're always going to know where the ball is in your stick with this mesh, because you're going to feel it run over every single one of these knots. So you're going to feel it. And then on top of that, the way that the knots work, is they're going to reduce the amount of stretch in the pocket. So unlike a traditional piece of mesh is known to stretch over time, they've reduced that with this knotted construction, which is going to help maintain consistency and reliability in your pocket. Really keep it as a gamer, so that you know when you pick up this stick that's got this knot mesh in it, you know exactly how it's going to throw every single time. Whether it's been there for a week, a month, if you keep it in for the whole season, really looking at maintaining consistency and reliability in your stick. And if you take a quick look right here, I'll show you this scale. I've got this weighed up. This comes in at 0.8 of an ounce. That's a really lightweight mesh. It doesn't feel like there's much in my hands at all. If I pull this apart, you can get an idea as to what to expect. I have no idea how this is going to string up. I haven't strung a piece of this, but it is crazy, crazy stuff. Again, I'll pull this in really nice and tight so you can see the knots, really intricate knots. They aren't just like slipknots. So they're there. It's locked in. This is pretty crazy stuff. But that's going to wrap up the Knot Mesh from STX, guys. Go ahead and take a look at that at Thanks for watching.