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In this video Trice from breaks down the STX Jolt Lacrosse Gloves.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with, and today we're breaking down the uber comfortable, uber durable, uber cheap STX Jolt Lacrosse Gloves. Let's go ahead and break these guys down for you. All right guys, so right here, I've got the STX Jolt Lacrosse Gloves, as you can see, in this really sweet orange tone here. They're also available in this really nice lime green, as well as a royal blue and a navy blue, but I wanted to show you guys this orange and lime green first, mainly because who out there has a stock lime green or a stock orange glove? To say that, and then, on top of that, we've got these guys at an insanely low price, ridiculously low prices on these gloves. You're not going to find that anywhere else, and hypothetically, say you do, come on back and check our price assurance because we're going to match that price, not only on these gloves, but really anything and everything you get here at But to break down the details of the glove itself, we'll start here at the palm. I'll get this nice and focused for you. As you can see, it's got a nice textured palm with a lot of vents on the inside, one here along the thumb, and the palm, right on the crease of your knuckles, on the inside of your knuckles, as well as your fingers. On the back side, they've got a really nice, aggressive styling with these, I mean, a multitude of colors like I said, neon green, orange, royal blue, navy blue. Multiple sizes, I'm talking 12", 13". Really nice glove, a lot of protection here. This is a really nice premium fabric they're looking at giving you a lot of, lot of durability with. Got that nice polyester material there, really nice embroidered logo here, another one here, one more at the tip of the finger because, you know, you can never have too many STX logos. Nice Jolt logo here along the side. Again, these guys, I mean we're crazy for selling these as cheap as we've got these up, so like I said, you're not going to get the Jolt glove anywhere else at a lower cost, and again, if you do, come on back because I'm going to match it. I've got the price assurance right there at, just check that out. But that pretty much is going to wrap up your Jolt glove here from STX. Again, navy blue, royal blue, neon green like what's in my hand, and the orange behind me, in a 12" and 13", at crazy low prices. Go ahead and check these guys out at

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