Video of STX Duel U Special Colored Lacrosse Head video of STX Duel U Special Colored Lacrosse Head

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In this video Trice from highlights the STX Duel U Special Colored Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice here with and today we're going to break down the Special Colored Duel U Lacrosse Heads from STX. Let's go ahead and check these guys out. All right, guys. So I've got the special colored Duel U Lacrosse Heads here from STX. They come available obviously in a grey and in a black option. We're going to take a quick tour around the heads. If you're looking for a far more in-depth video, go ahead and check out the white unstrung Duel U Lacrosse Head video on Other than that, let's go ahead and get right down to it. So we're going to start here off at the throat. Everybody knows with the Duel U you're going to have this crazy revolution throat plug technology from STX. That's moving the exterior material down to the inside of the shaft, allowing you to get your hands up nice and tight on the head, dominating at the X here in a face off. But really what we're looking at is this nice texture. Look at all the nice cuts and indentations they've got in this head. Throat dual right there on the sidewall. Two strut design. Limited sidewall pattern here, that's mainly trying to keep the durability in the head, but really nice textures. If you look through to the other side they've got some gloss accents on the inside of the struts where the majority of it's all matt finish. Coming around to the back side, there's another STX indented in there. Again really futuristic looking head. This is STX's first run on a face off specific head. So we'll get in nice and tight, get this focused for you. Here you go. Tons of detail all over the head. This is a U Spec head so you've got your U right there. Dual screw holes and then again the third screw hole in the throat plug. Really clean. STX on the sidewall there, crescent ball stop. Everybody likes this nice and gummy feel to it. Scalloped scoop, just like everybody comes to expect from STX. This is going to cut a decent amount of weight out but it looks really snazzy. Really clean head. Again available in a grey and black option. The black has the white STX, the grey has the black STX. You can see that right there. Really clean head, really you're really going to dominate at the X with a Duel U available in a grey and black option. Go ahead and check these out at

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