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In this video Trice from goes over the details of the STX Duel U Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with and today we're going to break down the STX Duel U Lacrosse Head. Let's go ahead and check this guy out. All right, guys, so here I have the STX Duel U Lacrosse Head. I'm going to break down the details for you, but before I do that, I'm going to go ahead and set it up on the scale and let you guys take a look at the numbers real quick. So, let's check this out. Turn the scale on, let that calm down. Five point one ounces after everything is said and done. That makes this a decently weighted head. It's going to be nice and strong, which it kind of needs to be, being STX's first face off specific head. In saying that, we're going to go ahead and take a walk around, take a look at some of the details, and really break this guy down. First thing, is right here in the middle of the head, right where it pinches in, they've got these specially designed flex zones, really looking at giving you all the torsion out of the head that you need when you're trying to get control of the ball there at the X, but it's going to maintain its strength. And with the strength on it, if I bring this up and focus this for you, you're going to see these two dual sidewall braces. The great part about these braces is they're very strong this way, as well as keeping it strong laterally. And that's going to really help when grounding balls and again battling at the X and maintaining control when you want it the most. Up at the scoop, you've got the signature scallop scoop from STX. I want to get this nice and close so you'll be able to see, it's got some of these really cool futuristic almost kind of of cuts and indents in it, on the backside as well. Again, with the nice embossed STX there. The molding marks on this head are really clean. It's got some nice gloss accents, some flat accents. See if I can show you on the inside of the head, right there on the inside of the sidewall they've got some nice touches. It's really just a clean looking head, the STX here on the sidewall. Plenty of texture all the way around and indents. Get this focused as we come down. So, your stringing holes, they give you 12 to choose from, but these are very strategically placed stringing holes. What they try to do, see here, what they've done is instead of giving you tons of stringing holes right across the brace here on the bottom side of your rail, that's where a good portion of them will pop through on a face off. I mean, you've got tons of pressure going there. So, what they did, is they gave you plenty of stringing options with 12 stringing holes, but they really tried to maintain the durability of the head, keeping it a good shape and not warping or breaking on you. Come through on the bottom side you'll see two dual screw holes here. This is a U head, U spec, nice crescent ball stop here. And then on the other side, the duel right again, right on the top of the sidewall. Really clean head. And then this is what everybody wants to talk about. This is STX's revolutionary throat plug design. What this does is it removes your throat from the exterior of the shaft and pulls it to the inside. On a face off of course you're trying to get your hand up as close to the head as possible to give you as much torque on the ball and on the head. But with the throat being on the outside, you can only be so far. So, they, you know, completely threw everything from the ground up, threw it in the trash and started from fresh. And they moved it to the inside of the shaft. Also incorporating a third screw hole here. It works very well when combined with the Duel SC shaft, also has a ton of grip right here. But the third screw hole, the two screw holes here, and being able to get your hand even, you know, an inch higher up on the shaft itself closer to your head, you're going to have tons more torque when battling at the X there. And that's really what this head is all about. On top of that, with the throat plug, this head's not going to be able to be used with any composite shaft that, you know, has a filler up at the top or any shaft that comes with, say, Shaft Lock technology. It's one shape, so it will fit inside some shafts but not as well inside others. As we make our way around, again, take a look at the detail. They really took their time with this one. It's a very clean looking head. Just classy all the way through. Again guys this is the STX Duel U Lacrosse Head, face-off specific. Go ahead and check this out at

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