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In this video the guys from STX give you the details on the creation of the Duel U Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
Chris: The more specialized the player, the more they know what they want from the product, and the face-off guys, the FOGO guys, especially the guys at the highest level, led to the first head in the game designed specifically for face-offs. Greg: It has more than one meaning. If you look at the design of the head, it's really broken up into two sections. That right there speaks to the duality of it. The bottom section of the head is built very rugged and stiff as its gotta be able to take the abuse that a face-off player puts it through. Then, the top of the head is made to be much more flexible to flatten out on ground balls. Brandon: Right away guys notice the throat. That's one of the biggest selling features of the head. Greg: It's a revolutionary concept that allows the face-off player to get his hands closer to the head. Vajda: That gives you better clamping control and better control over the ball itself and faster movement on the clamp. Chris: The first thing that a FOGO player asks for is control. Brandon: So, they want the head to collapse on the ball in a certain way and they want it to stay stable at the same time. Vajda: There are very few heads on the field that go through as much abuse as a face-off head. So, I think the geometry of this particular head was extremely important throughout the design process. Coe: We are focused on tuning the stiffness of this primary rail to allow the player to actually drive this bottom rail down underneath his opponent's stick during the face-off play. Vajda: Beyond that, we made sure that this bottom rail had the proper amount of flex needed to trap the ball and also make sure that each string hole was placed in a certain distance away to make sure that we are not creating weak spots throughout that face-off movement. Greg: The Duel head is great on its own, but we really created this as a system. We also have the Duel scandium handle. Brandon: So the handle, like the head, has little features that call out to the face-off player. You have a more rigid exterior for grip. Greg: This features our new clamp profile, which has raised edges on them. Brandon: You also have a screw hole on the side of the Duel handle which allows you more stability in the head. Coe: The screw on the side of the handle actually allows for a better fit with the throat plug. Chris: This is not a head that was designed for attack or midfield. This is designed specifically from the ground up for this position.

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