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In this video Trice from gives you the details on the STX Duel Sc Scandium Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys, this is Trice here with, and today I'm gonna break down STX's Duel SC Scandium Attack Lacrosse Staff. Let's check out some of the details on this face-off monster right here. Alright guys, so before I break down all the really nice details on the Duel SC Attack Lacrosse Staff from STX. I'm gonna go ahead and throw it on the scale. Get it weighed up for you and then I'm going to break down all the nitty-gritty details, so let's do this. Scale there. Let that calm down. With an end cap, 6.5 ounces. It's not that bad. So, with this Duel SC, the great part about it is it designed specifically to be paired with the Duel U Lacrosse head from STX. Really geared at creating a face-off weapon to reign supreme over all. Between the shaft and the head being combined, you are really looking at creating an ultimate face-off weapon to battle with X. Starting at the top here you are gonna see this bright line green section. Notice the word grip. Get this focused for you here. Here you go. Now, the whole point to this is their targeted grip. The whole shaft has a nice sand blasted texture, real nice mild same blast. But up here in this line green section, it's almost tacky like it's got a rubberized coat to it almost. And that is designed to give you even more top hand control when fighting for the ball right there at the X, and as now you can see on the side there is a random hole here. This is designed to work, like I said, with the Duel U from STX. It has the throat plug, and the throat plug has the third screw hole here on the side. So, you have a lot of anchoring points for the head. This is a Scandium shaft so they are really looking for that light weight strength and another really nice part about it is that introduced what they called the Clamp Profile. So, you can see here, it's a standard concave octagon, but they've really pronounced the corners on the shaft, all trying to give you is much control in your hands at the X as they physically can. So, they are really working on the face-off aspect and really trying to give you possession from the jump right there off the face-off. So, that's going to be the Duel SC Attack Lacrosse Staff from STX, and don't forget to check this out on

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