Video of STX Dry Mesh Superior Durability Lacrosse Mesh Stringing Piece video of STX Dry Mesh Superior Durability Lacrosse Mesh Stringing Piece

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In this video Trice with breaks down the Dry Mesh from STX.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with, and today, we're breaking down the Dry Mesh from STX. Let's get some look at these details. All right, guys, so right here, I've got the new Dry Mesh from STX. Let's go ahead and get a nice in-depth look at this stuff. This is a really, really heavy-duty mesh. Now, you can feel it in your hands just by picking it up. This is a tank. It's not by any means a bad piece of mesh. This is a fantastic piece of mesh. It's just heavy-duty. You can feel it in the weaving that they really pulled the stops out on this one. The weave is actually really intricate. Just a very clean weave. This is their replacement for the Dura Mesh. The mesh itself has what they call weather weave, which has individual nylon strands that have all been treated with a weather-proof coating and then interlaced, all working at keeping the mesh as dry as possible. I'll pull this in really close, so you can see these weaves. The weather weave is going to keep the mesh incredibly dry regardless of the weather conditions that you're in. If you take a look in the corner here, right about here, I'll show you the scale. I've got this guy up on the scale, and she tips the scales at 1.1 ounces. So it's a relatively heavy piece of mesh, but, again, that falls right in line with it being heavy-duty. This is some serious, serious stuff, and it's also going to be what they're stringing in their factory strung heads coming through the factory there. Again, this is the STX Dry Mesh, replacement for the Dura Mesh. Really nice stuff. Good stretch to it. Now, it should have a nice amount of hold. Should string up pretty simple. Really clean. It'll be it, guys. That's going to wrap it up for the STX Dry Mesh. Go ahead and check that on Thanks for watching.