Video of STX Double Sided Lacrosse Training Rebounder Replacement Net with Bungees video of STX Double Sided Lacrosse Training Rebounder Replacement Net with Bungees

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In this video Trice from shows you how to replace the net on your STX Double Sided Rebounder.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys, what's going on? This is Trice here from, and today I'm going to walk you through the replacement of the net on your STX Double-Sided Rebounder. This is ours here, we've had it for five or six years or so, and we've literally just obliterated the net right out of it, so we figured it would be time to replace this anywho and why not show you guys the process. So here we go. All right guys, so this is your replacement net kit from STX for your double-sided rebounder. I'm going to go ahead and rip this thing apart and show you guys what's on the inside of the bag and then we'll get right to the replacement on the net here. All right? So here we go. All right guys so I went ahead and I've ripped open the bag for you and as you can see behind me we've got a net, comes with a bag of bungees, comes with another bag of bungees, and then enough push pins to replace all the pins throughout your rebounder. And I want to say it comes with 47 bungees. We'll get them all counted out for you to make sure and then let's get to some disassembly now. All right guys, so I went ahead and removed all the old bungees. In fact if you take a look right around here you'll see how I did that. If you are going to be under 18 make sure you've got adult supervision when using a knife. That happens to be the easiest way to remove the bungees but other than that I'm going to go ahead and start disassembling this and then we'll make this nice and easy on how to get the rest of it to go along. So they're put together with push pins, so you're going to want to grab that and it comes right apart. So there's the top. I'm going to kick this guy over and repeat that on the bottom. And then again. All right so she's disassembled now. I'm going to go ahead and replace all the pins on the inside and then we'll cut back and I'll show you guys how to get the bungees arranged and how to get the net put back on. All right? All right guys so we went ahead and reassembled the frame. I got all the new bungees put on. If you take a look right around here you'll see the video of how we get the bungees on real nice and easy. And then now all we've got to to do is make sure that these bungees are kind of equal on the frame and we'll get the new net put on. New net. Just got to work these guys all around the frame for you nice and equal spaced. All right, so we're looking pretty evenly here. We'll go ahead and start getting this net on. All right guys so I got the net just hung up for you. When you go to start putting it on the frame with the new bungees you want to start in the corners and then work your way all the way around, making sure you hook all the bungees to the frame itself, from the frame to the net. We'll go ahead and rock that real quick. When you get to the better part of having it on, you'll realize it starts getting really nice and tight. Then I'll flip this around for you and we'll move to the backside and just repeat the process. There you go. That's replacing the net on your STX double-sided rebounder. Don't forget to check that out at, home of the buy and try guys. Have a great day. Thanks for watching.