Video of STX Crux 500 Precision Flex 10 Degree Women's Composite Lacrosse Shaft video of STX Crux 500 Precision Flex 10 Degree Women's Composite Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video STX breaks down the details of the Crux 500 Precision Flex 10 Degree Women’s Composite Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
Kadie: Flex technology in the Crux 500 sticks are designed for that elite level player. Kate: I felt a huge difference. The way that the ball comes out of the head, it comes out way faster than just a regular standard handle. Taylor: I think that's the biggest thing you look for in a shaft is does it have a little bit of whip. And that's what I've noticed with this handle, and the flex, and the shaft is the ball comes out a little bit faster, a little bit more on a straight line. And that's huge. Kate: Almost like when you're winding up for a shot, it kind of does the work for you. So the energy is dispersed up the stick into this more flexible portion at the top and it provides you the whip for the faster shot. Sam: Composites are very thermally stable. As a result, combined with the rubberized coating on these handles, they're great in all weather conditions. Kadie: The rubberized finish is my favorite grip. It's going to allow that athlete to keep a strong hold and a strong feel on her stick. If her hands get a little sweaty, if it's raining out. Kate: Composite is great because everybody has those freezing cold games or practices where they can't hold an alloy anymore. Sam: Based on our research, we've seen the top section of the handle receives the most impact during play. To improve this, we've added an exposed carbon weave which provides toughness and strength in this area. Kate: And the 10 degree technology helps push the ball up to that sweet spot that we've talked about. And it allows for a quick, precise release. Joanna: The non-slip end cap is a great little feature that's added to these handles that's going to help players feel their stick better. It's going to help with slipping off the bottom. It's the worst when you go to take a shot, and your hand comes off the bottom and so does the end cap. Kadie: I love this butt end. It actually has a little lip here, so that player can actually have the maximum extension on her reach. Taylor: I think the best part is it allows you to take advantage of the full length of the shaft and really get a reach. Whether it's on a ground ball, on draw control, and then allowing you to get more of a whip with your shot. A lot of times girls have to choke up their bottom hand before they do anything. Joanna: We're able to put a nice, great feature into these handles. Just with a non-slip end cap.