Video of STX Crux 500 10 Degree Women's Lacrosse Head video of STX Crux 500 10 Degree Women's Lacrosse Head

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In this video the STX Lacrosse Team shows you the Crux 500 10 Degree Head, featuring the Launch Pocket and a Pointed Scoop.

Transcript of the video:
Kadie: The Crux 500 is the most significant product launch in women's lacrosse history. The best head in the game just got better. Narrator: Play huge with the Crux 500. The attacker's choice for precision shooting. Tina: Being that it's geared for the elite attacker, she always needs to be ready for a quick release. And I think the three things that work together to give her that are the ten degree technology, the slanted bottom rail, and the fact that the launch pocket really pushes the ball at the sweet spot. Narrator: All the technology in the Crux 500 is specifically designed to drive the ball to the launch pocket. A completely new and revolutionary design from STX. Betsy: It's going to make it so you have the quickest release, you should be able to catch the ball and make a quick shot right away without having to position the ball. Joanna: I think it looks great, it looks aggressive. I'm excited to see that we've taken a really good product and made it better.

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