Video of STX Cell III Lacrosse Gloves video of STX Cell III Lacrosse Gloves

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In this video the STX lacrosse Team goes into all the details that made the Cell III Gloves better than before.

Transcript of the video:
Brandon: Cell III Glove, in a nutshell, is the most comfortable glove from STX, allowing the player to do whatever they want with it. Man 1: STX introduces the 3rd evolution in the cell protective line with an all new Cell III design. Hallie: To be honest, it was a little intimidating to try to take something that's already so great and make it even better. But again talking to players and finding out what they truly want, it became pretty clear pretty quickly what we could do. Man 1: A stretch zone on the thumb for flexibility, seamless vents on the palms, and PE board protecting high impact zones, plus nearly endless ways to make it your own. Greg: This is honestly the most customizable glove that STX has ever offered.

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