Video of STX Cell III Lacrosse Arm Pads video of STX Cell III Lacrosse Arm Pads

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In this video the STX Team shows you the advancements they made with the Cell III Arm Protective line.

Transcript of the video:
Man 1: Cell III pads and Arm Guards feature our homegrown Geo Flex Technology. Betsy: The Geo Flex Technology is unique in that, it was designed to disperse energy evenly upon impact while also being flexible. Man 2: This is really creating a unified approach where the pads are working with your body, so it's going to help you perform at a better level. Man 1: In addition, the new strap system offers a wide range of adjustability while also eliminating snag. Matthew: We have not let anybody down here. You guys are going to be really pumped to feel this pads, to wear them and you're gonna love the protection value.

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