Video of STX Cell III Lacrosse Arm Guards video of STX Cell III Lacrosse Arm Guards

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In this video Mike with shows you the Cell III Arm Guards, featuring the Geo-Flex Technology and interior slip resistant silicone nubs.

Transcript of the video:
I'm Mike Armstrong with and these are the STX Cell III Arm Guards. Now STX has gone along with what they traditionally do with their cell pad lines with a couple of improvements, the first being their Geo-Flex technology. The Geo-Flex is a couple of strategically placed flex points in the arm guard that are going to increase mobility without sacrificing protection. Now, this arm pad is going to be great for attackmen as well as midfielders looking for a little bit more protection. Now, the Cell III has a new hard plastic cap for protection with a contoured, low profile design. They have also added back the second strap, so now there is a more customizable fit. On top of that they also have silicone nubs on the inside of the arm guard which will help from slipping and increase your protection. Check out the Cell III Arm Guards at today.

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