Video of STX Cell 100 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads video of STX Cell 100 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

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In this video Mike with shows you the Entry Level Cell 100 Shoulder Pads.

Transcript of the video:
I'm Mike Armstrong with These are the STX Cell 100 Shoulder Pads. Now, the Cell 100 product line is STX's entry-level protective gear. Cell 100 utilizes a raised chest plate as well as their AirZone pocket for increased cardiac protection. Also has plastic shoulder caps for more protection on high impact hits as well as a bicep pad with elastic strap for increased protection on the upper arm. Also utilizes Velcro straps along the side for a more secure fit. The Cell 100 Shoulder Pads are going to be a great option the rec and youth player and are available in sizes extra, extra small all the way up to large. So check out the Cell 100 Shoulder Pads at today.

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