Video of STX Bounce Back Target 4'x3' Lacrosse Lax Wall Rebounder video of STX Bounce Back Target 4'x3' Lacrosse Lax Wall Rebounder

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In this video Trice from walks you through the assembly of the STX Bounce Back 4’x3’ Rebounder.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys this is Trice coming at you from and today we're gonna assemble the STX bounce back. All right guys, man it's a beautiful day out here in Brookline, New Hampshire. I'm gonna take a moment to show you guys the shipping box for the STX bounce back right here. Then I'm gonna break it open, show you the display box on the inside, and then lay out all the parts for you so you know what's coming packed inside this guy right here. Your display box looks something kinda like this. So here's the display box for your STX bounce back. Like I said I'm gonna break this guy open, show you guys the parts on the inside. Remember this ships straight from our warehouse here in Brookline, New Hampshire. Right to your front door. Let's get right down to the assembly now. All right guys, so this is your STX bounce back. This is all the stuff broken down from inside the box. I'll go ahead and let you know what's in here. Starting with your parts, you've got part number one, part number two, number three, number four. This is your main target and then this is the brace system here, which allows you to adjust your angle on the bounce back itself. It also comes with this really convenient packaged all your hardware along with hex, your wrench and your hex screw here, also known as an Allen key, there. I'm gonna go ahead and break this open and then we'll start with the assembly here. This is exactly how it comes inside the packaging as well. Be careful with the staples, they'll get you. Okay. Here's everything here, let's get to assembling. So first thing you want to do is you're gonna wanna grab your main target here. This is recommended for two people but we're gonna do it solo, because it can be done. So first things first, you want to make sure your brace is on the bottom side, this makes the next step much easier. Make sure this is flesh with the ground and then go ahead and grab it here. Stand on the bottom and you're going to snap this into where it's locked up, just like you would be if you were actually using it. This snaps in just like so, grab yourself the two long bolts here, four washers, and two of the hex nuts. Start with one washer, you're gonna run this through the hole down here on the frame. Go with your second washer and a hex nut, and repeat that on the second side. So again you've got your nut, or your bolt brother, your washer, goes through the frame, washer on the other side, hex nut. Then you'll grab the Allen key and the wrench from the hardware set here, and here. Go ahead and get these guys tightened up. Then again repeat that on the other side. Nice and snug, there you go. Then what you're gonna wanna do is pair together parts 1 with parts 2, and then parts 3 with parts 4. This goes just like this, if you notice, you see you have a wide side and a shallow side. Those meet together just like this. Grab a bolt, two washers, a hex nut. That goes right through the frame, remember to put your washer on your bolt first. Right through the frame, hex nut. Repeat that with parts 3 and parts 4. Just like so, there you go. Then again with the bolt, two washers and a nut. Bolt, two washers, and a nut. Again washer goes on your bolt first, through the frame. Washer again, hex nut. Grab your two tools again. Go ahead and give these guys a tighten. Just like so. Nice and tight. Then take 3 and 4. Those go into this part here, the part that actually swivels. Again with two bolts, one washer on each bolt so two washers, two more washers, two more hex nuts. Go ahead and grab these, slides right in here. There we go, and again, secure these with bolts through the frame. One washer, a nut. Same thing on the other side, a washer, a nut. And then you can get this guy, out of your way. Grab parts 1 and 2. These slide in here, into the base of the target. Again, two bolts, four washers, two hex nuts. There we go there, same song on the other side here. There we go. Then again with your tools, tighten those guys up. And then go ahead and grab the side that has number 3 and 4. Bring that back across, grab parts 9 and 10. 10 is the side that has the thumb screw here, 9 is this side here. The one that extends, gives you a height adjustment. That goes here, you're short a bolt. Again washer first, washer, and then a nut. Your last bolt, and last two washers, last hex nuts. Secure that to the base 3 and 4. Don't forget your washer. Washer again, hex nut, go ahead and secure these guys. Follow that same step on top. Now with this loose, that allows you to select the height you want so go ahead and lock it down right here. Tighten that guy just like so. Pull this onto its side. Stand it up from the top. There you go. Now all you got to do is, bring the edge of the matt around the framework. Then you'll be all set. So these just come around, and latch right in with the springs. There you go. As you can see I didn't give myself enough space up here. So all you have to do is loosen this up, and walk this out. To give yourself enough room to get to the top, lock that back in place, and you can work your way around the top. Bring it around here, there we go. It's just chasing these guys, all the way around. And that is your completed STX bounce back rebounder. Thanks for watching.