Video of STX 4Sight Focus Women's Lacrosse Eye Mask Goggle video of STX 4Sight Focus Women's Lacrosse Eye Mask Goggle

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In this video the designers at STX go over the details of their 4Sight Focus Women’s Lacrosse Eye Mask.

Transcript of the video:
Joanna: The 4Sight Focus is a great addition to the STX goggle family. Mike: The 4Sight family of goggles has been loved since its inception many years ago. Joanna: The 4Sight goggle family gives outstanding vision, great comfort. It's got a lot of different varieties with it, so that we have a goggle that fits every player at every level. Kate: Everybody really wants a lighter, more breathable, comfortable goggle, and so this is a big upgrade because we're taking out a lot of the bulk of the silicone, and we're also adding in extra air vents and extra visibility. Mike: We wanted to bring a new addition to the family, right in the middle of that line, to enhance a good value proposition and for the competitive-level player that's looking to have a form-fitting and comfortable goggle that will work for them for many years. Kadie: The key features of the 4Sight Focus include our oval wire, patented cage design which helps increase visibility. Mike: The 4Sight Focus goggle is unique because of the dual-durometer material construction that's in it. Unlike other goggles that are on the market, this has two layers of protection in there. There's a silicone layer that touches the skin on the face, that's very comfortable and pliable, and there's a harder level of TPU which gives the goggle some stability and stiffness. Kadie: And we all know how important color is, so we designed the 4Sight Focus to be in seven different color combinations. Kate: So, when you add all the technology together, it really provides the player both protection and comfort.