Video of SKLZ 6X Hurdles - Footwork and Agility Training Hurdles - 6-Pack video of SKLZ 6X Hurdles - Footwork and Agility Training Hurdles - 6-Pack

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In this video SKLZ goes over their 6X Training Hurdles, showing you the flexible design.

Transcript of the video:
Michael Cummings here with SKLZ. I want to show you one of the fundamental performance products. So this is a new product for us. It's called the 6X Hurdle. There's six, six inch hurdles. What makes this so dynamic is, not only does it have a one piece, elegant twist design, making it aesthetically awesome. What we did here is we wanted to make the area of the foot short, so that the athlete didn't, even though you just jump over this part here, perceptively it looks so large on some of the other hurdles, so we made ours very small so the athlete can get right over it. The other thing we did is we didn't use a tubular base or tubular foot. We made it flat, so if the athlete steps on it, will not bruise the arch of the foot, roll the ankle, cleats won't hit it and roll off of it. The other thing we did, which was difficult, but we managed, was to make this over 20 inches in length. Because an elite football player, or an elite athlete, basketball player, they have very big feet. And if they can't fit within that base of the hurdle, then it's going to throw off their performance and what they're trying to do. So those are the three key things that this hurdle does, but we have one more, and this is arguably the coolest, is that this is an incredibly durable hurdle. I can take my foot and smash it straight to the ground. Doesn't matter where I'm smashing. This will pop right back through, and it becomes a hurdle that is still six inches. So even if I'm terrible, and I'm hitting every one, they're just going to pop back. The coach can grab them and set them right back up. In the incident that there are a lot of wear and tear, hundreds of uses, where this begins to sag, just like you would with any other plastic disc, you can just bend it back to its original form, and then you have your hurdles ready to go. So that's the new 6X Hurdle by SKLZ.