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In this video Miriam with SISUGuard discusses her experiences using the SISU Mouthguard and shows how to apply properly.

Transcript of the video:
Hi guys. This is Miriam, the SISU Guard marketing intern and long-time field hockey player coming at you from SISU Guard Headquarters in Celine, Michigan. And I'm here today to tell you a little bit about my own experiences with the SISU Guard. So I started playing field hockey when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I started in fifth grade and I played all the way through the end of senior year High School. So I've been using the SISU Guard for almost that entire time except for the very first season where I tried out the name-brand mouth guard that was a big black chunk of plastic that it would sit on my mouth and it kind of obstruct drinking or breathing and talking definitely. And I chew on my mouth guards, so it would start to fray and kind of irritate my gums during matches and games and practicing. Everything kind of changed when my dad designed this new SISU Guard which was a lot more durable so it didn't fray when I chewed it. It didn't poke my gums. It was resilient and really protected my teeth and I could also drink and cheer and yell with my teammates on the field without having to take it out at all. So that was really important for me and it's helped me out with my game as a player, definitely. I'm going to show you guys how to make one today. We're going to take your SISU Guard out of its packaging. And I already made one earlier but I can remake it. So you're going to put it in a warm bowl of water. I usually tend to warm my water up in a microwave although some people prefer to use a stove top but it's faster. Put it in for about a minute in high until it's warm but not boiling. I use a fork to sort of probe the materials to make sure it's soft enough to mold. So we're almost there, it looks like. And you can also tell when it's ready to be molded by the color. It's going to become a little more transparent, a little lighter, so you'll know exactly when to put it in your mouth. So it looks like we're ready. I'm going to pick it up. And you want to align your teeth on the non-perforated strips, like this. Okay, so after you flip the material up around your teeth with your fingers like I just did, you're going to suck on the material to make it fit your teeth so that it's a little snug. This is where you need to be careful so that it doesn't become too tight. So you want to make sure to suck until you think the fit is almost right, keeping in mind that it's going to shrink a little bit when it hardens. So I sucked on in a little bit, it's setting pretty well. I'm going to let it harden for a little bit, and then I'll take it out and show you what it looks like. You want to make sure to get the back teeth also with your fingers, really making sure that you're covering your molars so that you have full-fledged protection against something like a field hockey ball. All right, it's almost done. There you go, see that? Beautiful. And this is the best protection out there. If you had met me in High School, I probably would have looked something like this. I hate this thing. Yeah, if only someone could come up with something better than this, field hockey players would be all set. So that's a pretty nice fit. You can see it's pretty much exactly bent like the shape of my teeth. And I've got the protection all the way around, and these perforated strips or the perforated material will actually absorb the majority of the impact. That's how you make a SISU Guard. It's been great for me as an athlete and I hope it works out for you as well. Thanks for watching.

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