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Fox 40 Sonic Blast CMG Referee Whistle with Neck Lanyard

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Manufacturer Description

The premium Sonik Blast CMG Pealess Whistle provides additional comfort for holding the whistle in the mouth. Distinct louder pitched whistle provides a much powerful sound without a lot of effort. Easily heard over the crowds. Ideal for large outdoor arenas with large crowds and ambient noise. CMG is perfect to reliably hold the whistle in the mouth in wet conditions.

Design: 2-chamber/4 resonators; pealess
Sound Power: exceeds 120 dB

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Fox 40 Sonic Blast CMG Referee Whistle

Things I Liked:

Loud, Piercing soundEffortlessSoft mouthpiece

Things to Improve:


Full Review:

As described, the Sonic Blast is the loudest whistle I have ever used! As a Phys. Ed. teacher, I need a whistle to be heard over all the noise in the gym or on the field, and the Sonic Blast is the best.

Colleen - New Jersey - 9/15/2010


Things I Liked:

It's far louder than the Fox40 Classic and has a more piercing tone. I actually hurt my own ears the first time I blew it because I was blowing at the same level that I did on my Classic. I find I can dial the effort way back and still get a clearer burst than I can with a Classic. Much thicker plastic than the Classic, too. I used to gnaw through a classic every season. I have 3 seasons on my Sonic with thickness to spare.

Things to Improve:

The way the vents are shaped on the Sonic you get a lot more tweet back in your own face than with a Classic. If you blow it really loud, you'll break your own eardrums like I almost did. Use with caution. I wish they made it without the CMG. As a derby ref, I have the whistle clamped in my teeth constantly and chew through the bumper after a couple of hours. I'd love to save the extra dollar or so to not have something that I just cut off anyway to avoid having chunks of rubber in my mouth.

Full Review:

Never going back to the Classic. It's not a bad whistle but the Sonic trumps it in every way.

Seymoure - Seattle, WA - 12/28/2011

Fox 40 Sonic Blast CMG Referee Whistle with Neck Lanyard

Things I Liked:

The plastic mouthpiece and noise level.

Things to Improve:


Full Review:

I bought this for my boyfriend who was graduating from college with a Physical Education degree. He saw another teacher who had it and had to have one.

Jackie - Illinois - 1/5/2012

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