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The NinjaLax Performance String Kit was designed for the advanced player and elite stringer who demand only the best materials.

Each NinjaLax Performance String Kits contain:

  • Three (3) - 33 inch NinjaLax Performance Shooting Laces
  • Four (4) - 33 inch NinjaLax Performance Sidewall Strings
  • One (1) - 24 inch NinjaLax Performance Bottom String
  • One (1) - Custom NinjaLax Ball Stop
  • One (1) - Head Screw

NinjaLax Performance Shooting Laces (NPSL) are designed with attention to detail and adherence to specification, and are intended for only the most advanced players and accomplished stringers. From the small diameter aglet that allows for easy stringing to the double braided blend of lightweight performance materials, NPSL's provide the proper stretch and fold into an almost seamless launching point for your pocket From tip to tip, NinjaLax Performance Shooting Laces are second to none.

NinjaLax Performance Sidewall Strings (NPSS) Each NPSS is Double-Braided and manufactured with a braided inner core and then surrounded by a braided outer sheath. Since any load is shared by both the inner core and outer sheath, this Double-Braided design provides a Performance Sidewall String with excellent strength, superior abrasion resistance and low elongation. NPSS have small diameter aglets, which allows for easy stringing.

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