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BAMshaft Plus Bamboo Carbon Fiber Defense Lacrosse Shaft

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Manufacturer Description

The new BamshaftPlus is the strongest Bamshaft made. It maintains ultimate flex while providing increased strength and durability. These shafts are built to handle your abuse, deliver your payload, and channel your aggression.

BamshaftPlus is made from the same patented Bamshaft bamboo, but built with a carbon fiber center to maintain flex and improve strength and durability. With a 48" long, 1/2" diameter carbon fiber rod in the center... don't trim more than 3" off each end if you prefer a slightly shorter defense shaft!

Warranty: 6 months

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Things I Liked:

Very strog and durable.

Things to Improve:


Full Review:

Over all good shaft

Hampton Duvall - Martinez, GA - 4/3/2012

kicks ass

Things I Liked:


Things to Improve:

grip is way to slippery

Full Review:

since its bamboo it throws the hardest checks ever on defense. Definatley get this thing if u like puttin a good ass woopin on an attackman

Damian - Pennsylvania - 5/30/2012

A lot of good and a lot of not good

Things I Liked:

Hard checks. All I hear during my games are attackmen telling me to not hit them so hard. Also very durable. Will get a lot of nicks and dents into the wood but won't crack or break. Flexible when you need it. I've had a lot of checks wrap around people to get the ball out.

Things to Improve:

The weight wasn't an issue for me, but I did notice that my checks were a lot slower than usual. Even after using the stick for a whole season, I found myself missing opportunities to get the ball because of the speed of my checks. This stick is also very slippery. I actually found that when I wetted my gloves with some water they had better grip on the stick. But for my summer league I had to cut out the palms of my stick to grip it better.

Full Review:

Overall its a good shaft that won't break but has some drawbacks that may not make it right for you. If you're a longstick midfielder like me, then I would go with a lighter shaft that lets you fire a lot of checks very quickly. If you're a 6'3" 220 lb close defender that doesn't carry the ball a lot, this stick is perfect for you

Bill - NY - 6/28/2012

Bamshaft d-plus

Things I Liked:

It's a really nice shaft overall, it throws very hard checks and I find that I can clear much farther with it. I always think I'm about to break it because it flexes so much but it won't

Things to Improve:

The weight didn't really bother me like others. Nothing

Full Review:

Unless you want the really light ultra quick shaft this is the way to go it throws very hard checks and flexes but is still way stronger than any other metal shafts. Bamshaft is the way to go

Daniel Mabray - Katy, Texas - 12/27/2013

Retail Price: $175.00

Our Price: $168.95


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