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*Purchasing this item includes the parts and labor for a custom stringing job. It does not include a head!

Want to have a SportStop professional stringer string your new head? Many people don't like factory stringing, and don't have the time to do it themselves. Let us take care of it for you!

Check out all the options! We'll put together all the colors you want and make a great pocket.

Make sure you have an unstrung head in your shopping cart when you choose all your stringing options and then add this item to your cart. We'll do all the work from there!

NOTE: The picture above is only an example

15mm & 20mm are both 10 diamond mesh.

15mm is the most popular East Coast Mesh and allows you to string a very defined and well channeled pocket.

20mm has larger diamonds than 15mm East Coast Mesh and is the softest mesh as well. It is perfect for faceoff men who need the pocket to drop right back into shape easily.

6 Diamond has larger and fewer diamonds than standard 10 Diamond mesh and can have more hold and whip.

The ECM BLACK varieties are infused with an entirely new wax formula. It provides all of the benefits of wax mesh without the waxy feel. It is also slightly harder. 

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