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Attack & Midi

Beginner - First year or young player
  • Warrior Outlaw

    - This is the one the coaches buy from us in bulk

  • Brine Recruit

    - Universal beginner stick that meets both NCAA and NFHS specs

  • Maverik Bazooka

    - High-end look and performance at a beginner price

Intermediate - 2 or more years of playing
Advanced - High School or experienced player
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Easton Launch Lacrosse Head

Your Price: $29.95

Easton-patented Reflex Technology allows for:
  • Concentration of energy at piston, maximizing energy transfer in passing/shooting
  • Greater accuracy and power on shots
  • Absorption of energy at piston when receiving the ball for softer catches

Easton-patented Reflex technology is exactly the type of innovative foundation that successfully redefines head design and the sport of lacrosse as we know it. You'll feel the difference in how your head performs.

Leverage your Launch Head - make adjustments on the spot without having to restring your pocket, dial-in the exact deflection that will meet your individual playing technique and have free rein on fine-tuning your speed and accuracy. We're stoked to have created this kind of unprecedented adjustability built into the head since it has always been pocket-dependent. Now you can take time for the tedium of tightening or loosening strings in your pocket when you aren't about to hustle back on the field.

With zero to six degrees of legal deflection, you can easily twist up the Launch using a Phillips-head screwdriver. The tightest adjustment has the head fully deflected. You can then take some of the Launch angle off by loosening the pressure on the piston and easily getting it back to neutral.

The results are real and the technology is changing the game.
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Easton Stealth Core Lacrosse Head

$85.00 $29.95 – $39.95
Easton Stealth Core Lacrosse Head

Your Price: $29.95

Features Easton's patented Reflex technology.

Same adjustability and in-game tuning ability as the Stealth HS head, without the adjustable pinch.

Universal specification, legal for all levels of play.

Weight: 5.3 oz. (151g) unstrung
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Easton Stealth HS Lacrosse Head

Your Price: $29.95

  • Patent-pending Box Beam sidewall construction to maximize lateral stiffness without adding weight
  • Features Easton's patented Reflex Technology
  • Same adjustability and in-game tuning ability as the Launch head
  • Industry-first adjustable pinch for those seeking maximum allowable ball control and retention
  • NFHS specifications, only legal for play at the youth and high school level (non-NCAA legal)

Easton has taken its patented Reflex technology from its Launch head to another level. For the first time ever, a player has the ability to adjust the head angle and the pinch of the sidewalls. This game changing head will allow you to adjust your stick to your style of play.

As the screw is turned clockwise, the lower sidewalls pull in until you have achieved your desired pinch. No more warranty-voiding head baking for extra ball control! Even at its maximum legal pinch, the ball releases cleanly without interference from the strings or sidewalls. Turning the screw also adjusts the head angle forwards and backwards to dial in the head to accommodate any pocket style.

Another unique and patent-pending feature is the bottom stringing hole at the ball stop. Every other head has vertical stringing holes to secure the bottom of the pocket to the ball stop. Easton engineers broke the mold by making their bottom stringing holes horizontal. Why? Because it allows for a squeaky clean look, multiple stringing options, very easy adjustment in a critical area of the head, and most importantly, zero interference and “hang up” from any pocket strings so your head stays legal.

Simply put, the Stealth HS head is a thing of beauty. The sleek cut-away design at the rear of the ball stop gives the head a fast appearance and also reduces the weight in critical places. At 4.9 ounces (unstrung), it’s one of the lightest heads on the market with an incredibly high stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Easton’s patent-pending double-walled, open box beam construction produces tremendous lateral stiffness in the lower half of the head where you need it most for accuracy and checking. The top half of the Stealth HS head has the perfect flexibility for easy ground ball pick up, and the hollow box beam channel reduces weight while increasing stiffness. Even better, Easton engineers placed the lower stringing holes on the outside wall only, which creates a clean channel for the ball with no string hang up, which often times make NFHS heads illegal. The Stealth HS head is unmatched when it comes to ball control.