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Attack & Midi

Beginner - First year or young player
  • Warrior Outlaw

    - This is the one the coaches buy from us in bulk

  • Brine Recruit

    - Universal beginner stick that meets both NCAA and NFHS specs

  • Maverik Bazooka

    - High-end look and performance at a beginner price

Intermediate - 2 or more years of playing
Advanced - High School or experienced player
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Maverik Flight Special Colored Lacrosse Head

Your Price: $24.95

A standout rookie on the Maverik team, the Flight is a new name for the lacrosse world to fear. It features a MID positioned ramp, plus a rounded scoop for shooting accurately and effortlessly gobbling up ground balls.
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Maverik Flight 17 Lacrosse Head

Your Price: $24.95

The same Maverik performance you get from the Flight, but with a narrower throat for advanced ball control. With more accurate shooting and passing with the channeled pocket, the Flight 17 offers lightening-fast responsiveness from your head.
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Brine Asset Lacrosse Head

$135.00 $24.95
Brine Asset Lacrosse Head

Your Price: $24.95

The Asset stays true to our passion for innovation. One of the most advanced heads to ever see the field. Part Clutch, part Voyce, part Franchise, the Asset gives you an advanced Offset, tight face, and superior strength. What's better than the feel of a deep pocket? How about a deep pocket that's so legal you'll constantly be rechecking your stick because it's too good to be true. The Asset's mid-strung sidewall allows your pocket to begin higher in the stick, allowing a deeper feeling bag. Combine this feature with out channel stringing and Offset and you no longer have a lacrosse stick. You're equipped with a goalie's worth nightmare.


  • Patented Offset technology creates the best feel in the game

  • Tight face increased ball retention, handling, and accuracy

  • Mid-strung sidewall allows a higher and deeper legal pocket

  • Multiple sidewall holes for pocket customization

  • Reverse sidewall channel stringing always keeps the ball in the center of the pocket

  • Strong, light, and deadly


  • 4.8 oz