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  • Inside Stringing Tabs with inverted V shape provides the ultimate narrow pocket for improved control and accuracy
  • Flared Bottom Sidewalls allow for a super tight pocket without the ball sticking on the sidewall lace
  • Drop-V Scoop channels the pocket allowing for improved accuracy and a quicker release point
  • Multi Hole Stringing System allows for multiple string patterns


The biggest difference between Marc Mesh and the regular urethane coated "hard" mesh is this: urethane is meant to coat ropes with a thin, non-porous layer that keeps water out. It is designed not to break down. When it finally does, little cracks form in the shell defeating the urethane's original purpose of weatherproofing the mesh. Mesh Butter on the other hand quickly breaks into tiny fragments that allow the mesh to quickly form a pocket. Rather than coating the outside, Mesh Butter is applied right into the fibers of the Nylon; hence water has no place to go.

Key Features:

  • Mesh Butter has a quick break in time (1 hour or less)
  • Mesh Butter gives the mesh a unique memory that customizes the mesh to your very own signature catching and throwing style
  • Mesh Butter increases a mesh's typical lifespan
  • Mesh Butter grips the ball providing added friction giving you a capability to spin the ball when taking a rip
  • Mesh butter makes mesh 4x more resistant to water. The key is preventing bag-out.
  • Mimics a traditional pocket better than any other mesh


  • 7055+Sc handle enhanced with Exogrid carbon fiber
  • Carbon in checking areas reduces denting and bending on stick-to-stick checks

These heads have been strung by us with 15mm Marc Mesh, not factory strung. That's a huge advantage over a factory strung pocket or any typical mesh.

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