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C-12 Dirty High Performance Carbon Fiber Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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Manufacturer Description

The Attack shaft is specifically made for the attackman that wants the strongest and lightest shafts in the game. Dodge, shoot, pass, and run through checks like never before.

Carbon fiber is the future. Who wouldn’t want something made from the most advanced material availiable? With several different types of carbon fiber handles out there, how do you know who is making it correctly? Any company can take a sheet of carbon fiber and slap some resin (glue) on it and make a good looking lacrosse shaft, but what are you really getting? With C-12 having patents on many important processes and factors, how are they doing it? Company H (for example) takes unidirectional carbon fiber sheets, throws in a little resin, bakes it, and produce a carbon fiber lax shaft. The problem with the unidirectional carbon is just like it sounds, it is strong in 1 direction and weak in others. So to address this weakness, Company H probably rotates the placement and direction of the carbon fiber to make what they think is a strong shaft. The issue is when you use sheet materials, it must/will have a start and an end point somewhere, whats known as a seam. Seams are the fundamental weak spot in every competitive carbon fiber handle. With repetitive stick checks, seams will eventually delaminate and fail catastrophically or more simply said BREAK. You can rotate the weak spots but they are still there. Now C-12 uses a seamless carbon fiber system which is why our carbon fiber handles can withstand the physicality of the sport at the highest level. We also have patents pending on the process of saturating our carbon fiber system which allows for even distribution of resin and the resin system itself. For all you techies out there, this is called the Pre-preg process of making carbon fiber. We are proud to say that C-12 Lacrosse handles were invented by Americans and are being made by Americans.

Our carbon fiber layup process and along with the exoskeleton, allows us the create flex into the shaft. We then figure out the best strength to weight ratio for the best shaft possible. Faster shots, better passes, ball control, and temperature resistance are all factored into the design. This also means that you aren’t going to spend halftime anymore straightening out your bent aluminum or titanium blend shafts. How nice it will be to have confidence in your stick that you wont have to be scared that your passes will go to their intended target with a straight dent free shaft.

Testing at C-12: We took our radar gun and speed clocked a couple people shooting. They used their current titanium or aluminum set ups and shot 10 shots on goal. We then put their same heads on a C-12 carbon shaft and they shot another 10 on goal. Just to be fair we had them do another round of 10 and 10. Average short shaft speed increase was 5% and average long shaft was 10%.

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C-12 lacrosse shaft

Things I Liked:

The shaft itself is very light, extremely durable, and the plastic coating feels unique and its texture is great for players who do and dont want tape. Also im really glad that my head doesnt wiggle on the shaft, it fits on really well. Best shaft i've ever owned and dont think ill ever really have to get another one.

Things to Improve:

you do have to drill in a screw hole but its really easy and i just used an electronic screwdriver with a self-taping screw. the butt end also doesnt seem to align up properly, but it is really durable and I actually like that because then my butt end doesnt get a hole in the bottom like i normally have.

Full Review:

Really great shaft, people thinking about this should get it. The price is a little high, but in the end, it will pay for itself, the shaft lasts forever and if all the graphics come off you can get it redone by C-12. Great shaft, great buy.

Grant - Ma - 3/9/2013

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Our Price: $149.99


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