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Warrior Player's Club Arm Pad 6.0

Designed with the minimalist in mind, this pad offers minimal protection with total flexibility and manueverability.


  • Features Warrior's ExoLyte High Impact foam and plastic which forms a flexible and comfortable pad with just the right amount of protection that every advanced player craves.
  • Also comes with VaporTek lined perforated EVA foam body construction for ultimate breathability and excellent moisture management.
  • The Players Club Arm Pad 4.0's triple density ExoLyte impact protection provides defense in critical shock zones (I.E. elbows, back of arms, and forearms)
  • Also made with ABS high impact internal elbow cap to form an inpenetrable wall of protection around the elbow.
  • Comes with reinforced elastic mesh adjustment bands as well as adjustable upper arm straps for a protective personalized fit.
  • Also contains no-slip pads on inner liner to prevent the pad from slipping around on the arm.
  • Lower arm shock pads and inner forearm shock pads o beed up commonly slashed areas.

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